Contact Lenses

Benefits of Ordering Contact Lenses through Zaker Family Vision

  • Order All Brands including Specialty Lenses
  • Home Delivery AvailableFree First Pair with Order
  • Free Solutions and Contact Lens Case
  • Single Box Order
  • Convenient Local Pick Up
  • “In a Pinch” Emergency Lenses”
  • Factory Representative Help with Defective Product
  • Maximum Allowable Rebates Available
  • Easy Exchange/Returns if Prescription Power Changes
  • Order from Home in your Pajamas via Phone Ordering

We offer the best pricing on contact lens orders.

Pay attention to the details of advertised pricing from competitors. Their lowest price is with a 1 year order because they incorporate the rebates into their price. Our sales prices are lower than their best deals. In addition to our lower prices, the same rebates are still available. This brings your out of pockets costs down further.


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