Have you ever seen the back of your eye? Zaker Family Vision has the latest technology in digital retinal imaging. It allows us to accurately monitor subtle changes within the eye each year giving our patients the best medical care. Our doctors will evaluate the images with you in the privacy of the exam room. This technology allows us to view and document all of our patients regardless of age. Below is a detailed photograph that Doctor Joe took on his daughter when she was 20 months old.


We offer thorough eye exams including adult, pediatric and diabetic eye exams. We believe vision is a remarkable and precious gift and we feel it's our responsibility to help preserve this gift. We offer complete eye care for adults, as well as pediatric eye health and vision exams for children, as 80% of everything learned by a child is acquired through their vision.


Zaker Family Vision uses digital acuity screens allow for consistency and fluidity during a comprehensive eye examination. With conventional charts, the letters used on each line were consistent. This would allow patients to essentially memorize lines. Our doctors are able to randomize each and every line on our digital chart giving us a more accurate level of vision. This is extremely important with children’s examinations and their sometimes questionable consistency.


We carry in stock, a wide variety of the highest quality contact lenses for immediate dispensing. We offer:

* Soft One Day Disposables
* Soft Two Week Disposables
* Soft astigmatism correcting Disposables
* Extended Wear
* Rigid Gas Permeables
* Bifocal Contact Lenses
* Monovision
* Color Enhancing

You'll be amazed at our low prices. Our patients consistently tell us that our contact lens prices are lower than most offices including large retail establishments such as Lens Crafter's, Sears, Pearle Vision and Wal-Mart. Our 'on line' ordering system is fast, easy and accurate. We encourage our patients to price shop for lower prices, but they always return telling us how our pricing is always lower. We offer home delivery and convenient pick up at our office. In the event that our patients run out of lenses by mistake, we provide emergency lenses at no charge. We're always there for you.


Our dispensary offers over 900 frames on display. From designer to basic, our patients are always amazed by our wonderful selection. Due to our low overhead, we offer the exact frames most large retail centers carry, but at an average price of 20% to 40% less for the exact frame. Our patients are always amazed by our wide selection as well as our low prices. Our experienced and formally trained staff will assist in your frame selection, or they'll just leave you alone, to try on just the perfect pair by yourself. Once a frame is chosen, you will be skillfully fit, providing you with the most appealing eyeglasses for your particular facial features.

We provide diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic eye diseases. Our highly trained doctors stay current with the latest medications and techniques for treating all forms of eye conditions. During each and every exam we test for diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic eye changes and age related macular degeneration.


We provide specific testing for dry eyes to determine whether your dry eye is chronic. Those patients, who suffer daily from chronic dry eye, can be rescheduled into our 'Dry Eye Days' . During our "Dry Eye Days" we will diagnose and treat your particular dry eye. From the most state of the art techniques and medications, to straightforward counseling on your particular lifestyle, we'll put you on the right track to help solve your dry eye issues.


Emergency eye care is always available for patients with red or painful eyes, abrupt changes in vision, double vision, loss of peripheral vision, foreign bodies, or chemicals in your eyes. Also, after normal office hours, we provide twenty four hour emergency care by calling our office. We're always there for you.


Our doctors are state certified in pre-surgical evaluation and post surgical care. We take great steps in assuring your eyes are seeing their best and making sure your eyes are as healthy as they can be after surgery. During our pre-surgery evaluation, we discuss in detail all of the aspects of your surgery as well as answering all your questions during this complimentary in-office consultation.

When Dr. Joe’s prescription stabilized, he decided to get laser vision correction. Throughout the preoperative work up the plan was for him to have Intralase with Custom Lasik. After Dr. Colman Kraff evaluated the multiple scans, he determined that PRK with Custom Lasik was going to give the best long-term results. After taking his course of topical eye drop medication and the scheduled follow-up exams with Dr. Frank, he still maintains 20/20 vision with each eye.


Our goal is to not only detect and treat eye health and vision disorders, but we firmly believe preventive care is as important as fixing a problem. We educate every patient regarding the most prevalent eye diseases and instruct them of those disease risk factors, discuss eye injury precautions, provide counseling on nutrition and help manage systemic diseases that can affect the eye. With our Ocular Wellness Program, our goal is to preserve your eye health and vision throughout your life.


Our highly trained staff of opticians offer you every possible lenses type. From plastic to impact resistant polycarbonate, from 'feather weight' plastic to glass, our trained staff will guide you to the best possible lens material for your particular usage. We offer anti reflective, UV, and fashion tinted coatings as well as photo changeable sun sensor lenses.


Broken frame? Lost eyeglasses? Need your eyeglasses now? We have the latest technology for the fabrication of your lenses giving quick and accurate customization with your prescription into your frame of choice. Next day rush emergency services available in most cases.


We are a fully authorized sight safety center for industrial safety eyeglasses. We offer the widest selection of safety frames and lenses in all styles for both men and women. When you come to our office for your safety eyeglass needs, rest assure you'll be receiving not only the expertise to keep you compliant with OSHA's safety standards, but because of our vast selection of frames, you'll be wearing a pair of safety glasses which you'll actually enjoy wearing.


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